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About Us

DoRezin established in 2021, inspired by the shifting in the world market behavior during these challenging times.

A group of entrepreneurs teamed up to create an e-store that concentrate on providing all the necessary materials to start enjoying working with Epoxy Resin Art Works “ERAWs” in a fun, stylish, and professional way.

Trusting the diversity of the founders’ background, using their knowledge and expertise in high tech, business intelligence, and a taste of unambiguous art skills, we are setup up to build a growing relationship between the community stakeholders to benefit everyone in a continually improving environment.

Looking forward to introducing the “ERAWs” to the world by helping all fans of this profession and Art Works enthusiasts to bring their creations to life in the upmost beautiful and easiest way possible.



To lead the Epoxy Resin Art Works “ERAWs” e-commerce industry.


To help Epoxy Resin Art Works “ERAWs” community grow and thrive by innovative solutions to their everyday challenges, and help each other to learn and excel.


Reliability and Trust are our way to insure Value and Significance to our clients.  We thrive to help them build a beautifully designed eco-system that understand “through feedback” and integrate “via care and support” with the community they live in.

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